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Press Release for Educators Who Are Officially Accepted to Attend the 2018 Tennessee Arts Academy

The above press release may be used by 2018 TAA participants. Once you have personalized the press release, it may be either printed out and mailed or it may be e-mailed to a variety of sources including your local newspaper, arts organization newsletter or television station. If you are unable to personalize the forms, download Adobe Reader free from Adobe.

Scholarship Application Forms

The Tennessee Arts Academy and Tennessee Arts Academy Foundation offer scholarships for deserving educators who wish to attend the Arts Academy. Please read the guidelines carefully for each scholarship before applying in order to make sure you qualify.

Tennessee Arts Academy Foundation Scholarship Application Form

Country Music Association (CMA) Foundation Scholarship Application Form

Theatrical Rights Worldwide (TRW) Theatre Arts Scholarship Application Form

The Dorothy M. Gillespie Tennessee Arts Academy Visual Art Scholarship Application Form

TAA DVD Order Forms

Click below to download DVD order forms for Muser and Academy Chorale presentations from this current TAA year as well as previous Tennessee Arts Academy sessions:

2018 TAA DVD Order Form
2017 TAA DVD Order Form
2016 TAA DVD Order Form
2015 TAA DVD Order Form
2014 TAA DVD Order Form
2013 TAA DVD Order Form
2012 TAA DVD Order Form

2011 TAA DVD Order Form
2010 TAA DVD Order Form 
2009 TAA DVD Order Form 
2008 TAA DVD Order Form 

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