Musers & Performers

Musings and performances are integral parts of the Tennessee Arts Academy experience. Musings is a time of thoughtful inspiration and introspection built into the heart of the busy Academy schedule each day. All participants assemble to think about the role of the arts in education and in life.

At each Musings session, an individual who is significantly involved in the arts acts as a muse and leads the group in examining the richness and depth that the arts add to the lives of all people.

The Academy strongly believes in exposing its participants to a wide range of performances featuring the highest-caliber artists from throughout the state and region. Toward this goal, each day prior to lunch the Academy hosts a different artist or arts organization in performance. Ballets, musical ensembles, plays and soloists are regularly featured each year. During the Sunday night opening ceremony and at Wednesday night’s Academy Awards Bravo Banquet, nationally-recognized artists perform. Throughout the week, at almost every special event, performers are a valued part of the program.